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April 26, 2008


Janet Hurt

I've got one graduating in a couple weeks too and feel that "tension" too. Our other daughter was graduating during my IL-2 treatments and I don't "remember" any of this tension. Perhaps it's because Gabby is our "baby" and I just turned 50??? I feel there's so much left to teach...I need prayer! Thanks as always for sharing!
Our prayers continue for you,

Joe Wiley

My wife Debbie has a theory that Senior students and their parents start having a strained relationship with each other as a type of self-induced immunization (for both parent and child) for the pain of separation that is coming in the fall when the student goes off to college. If you don't like each other much over the next few months, it makes the hurt of leaving them at the doorstep of the university a bit less painful. Funny though, the pang in your heart as you drive away from the dorm will still be there anyway.
Hang in there Randy!
Joe W.

Judy Martin

Thanks for your words...they come at such an appropriate time. As so many "seniors" still seem quite junior-ish to us (true seniors, I might add)they are blossoming adults. I find it comes much harder to those of us whose child doesn't reach this separation stage until their early 20's. Somehow you think you've by-passed the pain with this one, but then the day hits and it's a rude awakening. I must, also, ask God to keep me from imparting 54 years of experience in her 23 year old box of understanding. We both would shed a lot fewer tears.

Cinda Garst

so glad that things are going well! You are an encourgement to me as we are getting set to see Scotty through another transplant....so neat to see your children thriving! What a blessing!
Much love, Cinda

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