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May 14, 2008


Matt D.

I wonder if it is for us? That is, Luke's insight of a developing Jesus may encourage us in some fashion as we strive to become more Christ-like ourselves as we follow Him. Would this picture of a developing Jesus help us relate to him even more?

I'm just wondering... Please tell me if I'm way off base.

Thanks for the post and thanks for you.


it certainly makes sense to me. but the question is... does it truly help you relate to him better? if it does... that may be the answer to your question.

Tim Maynard

if Jesus, who is God himself, finds it necessary to experience growth in wisdom and strength then that is really cool.

It says to me that there is a goal beyond just HAVING wisdom(he already had it, didn't he? AHH PARADOX!), but that the very journey of attaining wisdom and strength is a goal unto itself, a sacred and holy thing this growth process is. Maybe Jesus didn't want to miss out on that, maybe he couldn't afford to.

The "you" instead of "this" is saying the same ting about encouragement. There is something sacred about Becky calling me a loving husband, not just because it motivates me to be a good man, or because it is a way to show "honor & respect" to her husband, but the very act of giving and receiving encouragement is sacred and holy, it's not just some means to an end.

I've heard the whole "life's a journey, not a destination" slogan before, but seeing Jesus this way your painting is landing that idea for me in a big way. That's just my first impression.


the fact that Jesus grew in wisdom doesn't necessitate that he in part became man for the purpose of experiencing something. it would suggest that pre-Jesus G*D was lacking in some way... or needy. i don't think that's accurate. but some interesting thoughts. i love the idea that giving & receiving encouragement is sacred & holy.

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