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May 15, 2008


rosann lerczak

you handsome angel ( I was going to say devil but being that you are a preacher i thought that inappropriate)
you have finally, although unwillingly come to the dark side ----tattooing!
I now have 2 tattos; my "tramp stamp" that's what the kids nowadays are callng it---on the small of my back. it's a heart with wings with joe's name inside the heart.
2 days ago I got a hummingbird on my shoulder blade. as i was getting the humming bird i suddenly realized why people are "cutters". not that i am considering that kind of behaviour but now i understand. just thought i would share an insight.
i am going through a shipload of emotional trauma and the pain of the tattoo at the time made it seem so much less that it is. not to mention that endorphins are probably having a wild party. endorphins, Randy, not dolphins :) , although I think a wild dolphin party would be fun, i think it would have to be a pool party.
so, after that short story being long I think that a tattoo in memory of your courage, bravery, and the love you show for your family and for life itself would be awesome!
Randy, you rock, i see you and i see how do i say this??
i see what god has meant for us to be......,.
love and prayers,
ps....i hope i made you smile with my not-so-funny-to-anyone-but-me-jokes:)


I can see it now...
"Okay, Grandpa, but if the tatoo is for the Trinity, why is it on your AMRPIT!?!"

I doubt you want to explain the theology of that one...

Rick Lingenfelter

**Uh, Mr. Melonoma, you might want to avoid napping on a beach**


good point richard. but... i'll just slather myself with sunblock... and dream of being a dark-skinned lingenfelter.

Tim Maynard

you mean... they DON'T represent the trinity???

I don't know WHAT to believe anymore, I'm adrift in an ocean of doubt and disillusionment!


nathan - thankfully they aren't in my armpit.
tim - sorry to rock your world brother. by the way... why did you use 3 question marks in that first sentence? are you mocking me?!? or is some of my super-spirituality rubbing off on you? or does that simply indicate how completely confused you are?

Tim Maynard


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