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July 14, 2008



I sense fear in you. Ha ha. See what I did there? Get it?


sounds like you need another vacation already, young padawan.

Matt D.

The force is strong in this one... (Sorry- John started it.)

Great post as always Randy... Thinkin' about ya, man.


well said, "faith grows by being attentive to the evidence...". lately i've notice those moments of attentiveness are giving me a desire to unpack my suitcase. thanks for inviting us into the fog and taking the time to share, it helps me clarify some of the ... oh, i get it, fogparty... not always clear...


haha. 3rd sudden death... man, what a long game.

hardcore, truth-seeking followers like myself often have a hard time viewing the relational aspect of this relationship. :) loves us, he does. to show us how, he desires.

Scott Hoel

With you about bumper stickers - generally just a blight. But then some just beg to be enjoyed. I cannot forget the one your post reminded me of: "Come to the Dark-side - We have cookies!"
...but if they are such a blight, why is it I catch myself reading them often?


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