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August 08, 2008


Glenn Yamakawa


I love your heart. Your thoughts are simply profound. Your ability to communicate them is God-refined. I wish that you could publish them, so others who are in similar situations (though not necessarily having to do with battling cancer) could realize that other fellow pilgrims could empathize with them and possibly share their load. Writing your thoughts down through this blogging medium may not reach as many as if you published them through a reputable publishing company. (And I don't think that the thoughts you have written down as you live through a heavy, heavy trial become obsolete very easily or soon, as perhaps the content of some of the books you own may.)
I wish that I could share more of your pain with you. I know how a person such as you who's felt called of God into occupational ministry could struggle inside with so many questions related to things such as misreading God and planning for the future. It has to be agonizing. And I don't think that you experience it more because you're melancholic. I think that it's because you're more serious than the average person about your walk with Christ and how you want to always live intentionally for Him.
I pray for you but not enough. I'm just like any other lazy American Christian who takes so much for granted and doesn't bank more on God's eagerness to answer specific, concerted prayer.
I agonize over your family. At the same time, I'm amazed (blown away, actually) to witness how resilient each one of them is. They all serve as inspiration to those of us who stand by their side and witness how they carry on so gracioulsy despite what they face every day. (I especially look at Emma and realize what a genuine trooper this young lady is. Again, I wish I could take some of her burden away. But I guess I have to realize myself that God is really the only one who can.)
I guess I should write such personal things to you in a personal e-mail. However, since I don't know your address and rarely sit at the computer outside of work, I thought I'd share my return thoughts to you before they vanished from my aging and fading mind.
I not only love your heart. I love you, Brother Randy. I love your family too.
Hope you all have a simply awesome, stupendous, magnificent, memorable vacation that you will cherish. Much aloha, Glenn Y.

Terry Younkin


Amy Auel

Glenn says it all and he says it perfectly. Curt and I love and miss you. Thank you for being a part of our walk with God.

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